“Women are wonderful; just showcase your confidence, it seems like a blaze of sunshine.”

PINK SELFIE embodies the essence of the creative, fashion-conscious modern women. In PINK SELFIE’s collection you will discover fabulous, select, innovative clothing. She has unearthed patterns that women crave and has used her talent at deconstruction and redesign to offer clothing that Gen Y & Zers find trendy with a chic, aesthetic value.

SAMMY understands a woman’s shape and combines her knowledge of Western and Eastern style to create clothing a woman feels comfortable and excited to wear. SAMMY knows that each woman is unique and beautiful and captures a futuristic ambience via digital textile printing in her designs. PINK SELFIE is all about women embracing what makes them unique. 



Each Season, PINK SELFIE uses woman power as the concept to design a new collection. You will find unique, fascinating, feminine garments that also possess the style of heroines. Besides, you will also discover clothes that are trendy but bold, mysterious and sexy with a powerful impact. Wear PINK SELFIE and be your own fashion icon.

PINK SELFIE employs unique fabrics for female clothing. PINK SELFIE utilizes clothing material with beloved feminine features so as to elevate exquisite luxury to the next level in fabric. PINK SELFIE also deconstructs and redesigns to invent a brand-new style!

 The core value of PINK SELFIE is #DESIGN FOR DIGITAL plus #NEW FEMININITY. SAMMY WANG futurizes fabric via digital textile printing, customized for the female body shape, delivering heroic and #STREET SMART style while showcasing feminine and diversified features with #JOYFUL EXPRESSION. PINK SELFIE believes that willful and feminine beauty is women’s beloved maxim.

 PINK SELFIE women dress for power and self expression


Sustainable fashion is our principle. We refuse to mass-produce our products and only produce high-end garments with innovative fashion designs for PINK SELFIE lovers. We insist on using only the finest eco-friendly Italian fabrics and use natural down filling, which has passed the Responsible Down Standard (RDS) certification. PINK SELFIE is dedicated to sustainable development, and continues to produce high quality and durable dresses and clothes. We do our best to reduce environmental impact and build our clothes to last.

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Are you always recording confident moments when posting to Instagram? No need to use a filter, you are charming enough. So, embrace each shining moment and take your casual street snap as you like it! Let passionate enchanting pink spread its brilliance into your life!

We deeply believe that positive energy is the strongest power in the law of attraction and PINK SELFIE deeply believes that wearing fashionable clothing with confidence is a way to capture that power.

When you’re wearing an amazing pattern, your mood will reflect that style and your creativity is ignited. PINK SELFIE hopes females will be inspired to use this feeling to create their own style and identity that empowers them to be the strong heroine they are meant to be. With this philosophy, every day becomes more colorful and the radiant PINK SELFIE woman emerges.

We see you because you are shining now.

Power of pink, Proud of me!



In 2018, Dunnan Store opened! - PINK SELFIE built its first independent store, located in the East District of Taipei, Chaojie-Dunhua South Road, Section 1. Many famous trendy stores and fashion designer stores also originated in this area such as Asian superstar, Jay Chou, and Asian trend Godfather, Edison Chen. Tide Brand store is the best representative of the essential location for fashion trends. In 2018, Japan’s No. 1 Professional Clothing News Agency - Special Report lists [PINK SELFIE in their Autumn & Winter Fashion Trend Coats Recommendation]


In 2019, Breeze Store opened– Breeze Plaza is  the high-end department store in Taiwan. Shortly thereafter, PINK SELFIE became famous among the hottest ladies and gentlemen in the country.
In 2019, International Fashion Magazine VOGUE-interview [Power of pink, Proud of me! Amplify your imagination toward PINK, A Taiwan Designer with the nurture of US culture, Sammy Wang, presents fashionable clothing with a free spirit to females around the globe]
In 2019, International fashion magazine Marie Claire-interview [See the latest trends! Luxury fashion brand PINK SELFIE's global flagship store debuted in the East District of Taipei, creating an avant-garde style for millennials.]


In 2020, PINK SELFIE set up new bases in high-end luxury shopping districts in China: Chongqing Times Square and Shenyang MixC City.
In 2020, International fashion magazine BAZZAR-interview [Street Trendy Influence! PINK SELFIE is a varied fashion brand which calls for global women to dress confidently.]


In 2021, Taoyuan's new flagship store opened in Taoyuan Cultural District, the most elite area in Taoyuan. The flagship store has an exclusive VIP room available by reservation only!
In 2021,the Taoyuan flagship store hosted PINK SELFIE’S first live fashion show.
In 2021, Fashion design media LA VIE- reported [PINK SELFIE’s Taoyuan flagship store opening! A stylish space overflowing with personality and featuring modern art from Italy!]


In 2022, Paris SHOWROOM - Entering Europe, with AMF, 3RdEye and Tuileries' Paris SHOWROOM as the distribution base,
PINK SELFIE officially entered France’s Paris Fashion Week!
In 2022, Paris runway show - First fashion runway show was held and reported by international press !
Marie Claire/Italia
Vanity Fair it
The impression
Madame LeFIGaRo

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